Carry Air Tube Axial fan is specially designed for robust design with high efficiency.

They are available in wide variety all types and capacities and for all purposes.


Tube Axial fan is built considering size, efficiency, reliability and maintainability. Tube Axial fan is cost effective solution that can comply with the stringiest requirements

of global standards.


Carry Air Tube Axial fan is specifically constructed to operate in various onshore conditions.

Use of Tube Axial fan can maintain desired room conditions by mechanical ventilation with smaller space and lower cost than those of the CENTRIFUGAL FAN.





  • Carry Air Tube Axial Fan impellers are manufactured by combination of various parts in order to adjust blade angle for best performance, fan efficiency and sound


  • Impeller hub shell and blades are manufactured by Aluminium





  • Carry Air (Swing-out door type Tube Axial Fan) is a sturdy Tube Axial fan specially designed for easy motor maintenance with a downstream guide vane arrangement designed for duct in-line


  • The standard range comprises 13 sizes with impeller diameters from 500 to 2,000 mm and 8 hub diameters from 280 to 800
  • Carry Air is high efficiency type with different impeller and high precision