Air Handling Units

 In Pharma grade package unit, Condensing side are available both in water and air cooled application. Condensing unit has following main components.

Carry Air has a wide range of air handling units for use in various applications from small office premises to larger industrial applications. Common to all items in the range is that, systems and components have been developed to

satisfy stringent demands for low energy consumption.

Heat exchangers, motors and fan units have all undergone extensive testing, both in the laboratory and out in the field, in order to comply with current and future demands for

low energy consumption.

All products are also manufactured to comply with environmental requirements. To ensure easy installation, many of these units feature control systems enabled for plug-and-play, i.e. simple start-up.


            The compressor is   the heart of the WCP unit and is responsible for compressing the refrigerant gas and circulating it through the system.

Condensing Chilled Water Coil

Cooling coils ( DX type/Chilled Water ) are designed and performance are calculated by using state of the art software.

FAN & Motor

Fan shall be direct driven propeller type discharge air vertically upward, equipped

with statically & dynamically .

Desiccant Wheel

Carry_Air offers a variety of desiccant wheels throughout the world to meet the requirement of various dehumidification applications.

  • Available in standard cassettes with 8″

( 200mm) media depth.

  • Wheels for volume upto 45,000 CFM